Magnetic Effects Clone The Classic Buzzaround Fuzz With New Pedal

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Magnetic Effects Clone The Classic Buzzaround Fuzz With New Pedal


Dating back to the 1960s, the original Buzzaround was held as a rare pedal that many favoured, most notably by Robert Fripp of King Crimson. Now the old Buzzaround has been redefined and refurbished with the new UVB-76: a fierce, punchy fuzz that allows an unparallel definition of the classic Buzzaround sound. Now, the well-rounded bottomless pit of tone has re-entered into the limelight, being fitted with new features that will keep reeling you in.


Delivering excellent fuzz tones that sit sonically between a Tone Bender and a Big Muff, the new UVB-76 has added a master volume control, which allows you to control your sound and hold its own on your pedalboard (a characteristics that was deemed difficult in the past).


The UVB-76 also brings an onset of charge pumps acting as a polarity reverse circuit, running off a 9V DC centre negative adapter, the UVB has more balanced control, meaning exploring tones from higher volume settings is made easier.


Fitted with a trio of elegantly tested NOS germanium transistors, the handmade UVB promises everything that caught the eye of the 60s but now in a modern light. Adding thunderous tone and a dominating fuzz-punch, the UVB-76 is a stompbox that demands attention.

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