Marty Friedman to sell huge selection of music gear on Reverb

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Marty Friedman to sell huge selection of music gear on Reverb

Set to launch his official Reverb shop on Tuesday October 23, Friedman will sell guitars, amps and a host of other instruments from his days with Megadeth and subsequent solo career.


Highlights include a black 1999 Gibson Les Paul Standard used by Friedman on Megadeth tours “quite a bit”, a Tech 21 Trademark 60 amplifier used on a bunch of recordings from the ‘90s, a Bradley Firebird-Style Copy electric guitar that Friedman has owned since he was a teenager, and a selection of traditional Japanese instruments, including the shamisen used during the solo on Music for Speeding’s ‘Nastymachine’.


Left: Shamisen, Right: 1999 Gibson Les Paul Standard


Also included in the sale is a clone of a black 1990s Fernandes Strat-style guitar, a design that remains close to Friedman’s heart.


“It didn’t sound like any guitar I ever played before,” he said. “I plugged it in and it was like the heavens parted. It had the most beautiful, glassy, clean, melodic, full of pitch, full of beautiful resonance tone that I’d ever heard in an electric guitar.”


Left: Fernandes, Right: Bradley


The sale comes at a busy time for Friedman, who is preparing to release his new solo album One Bad M.F. Live! tomorrow.


“Each piece of gear that I’m selling in my Reverb Shop has helped shape my career, whether it was used on stage and in the studio with Megadeth or to create one of my solo albums,” Friedman said. “Instead of sitting around and collecting dust, the gear should be in the hands of a fan or a musician who will take it and create something great with it.”


The Official Marty Friedman Reverb Shop will launch on Tuesday October 23.