Marshall Amplification announces Studio Series

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Marshall Amplification announces Studio Series

Each amp in the Studio Series is available in both a 20W head or combo, a perfect size for the guitarist wanting classic Marshall tones without the ridiculous volume of a 100W amp.



Studio Classic


A portable replica of the classic JCM800 2203, the Studio Classic takes the foundations of its ’80s predecessor and kicks it up a notch. You may recognise the Studio Classic from its renowned reputation as a heavy metal hero.



Studio Vintage


The Studio Vintage series is based on the vintage JMP 1959SLP. This inspiration dates back to the late ’60s, where the original model made a name for itself for defining classic rock tones.



Studio Jubilee


Designed as as small version of the Silver Jubilee, which was first released in 1987 to celebrate 25 years of Marshall Amplification. Slash and John Frusciante are among the guitarists who favour the Jubilee.


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