Markbass Marks 15th Anniversary with Limited Edition Release

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Markbass Marks 15th Anniversary with Limited Edition Release


His initial release of innovative bass amps, cabinets and pedals has made Markbass a household name amongst bass players around the world. To celebrate this milestone, Markbass have produced a special limited edition run of their most popular heads with an eye-catching new finish.


Heads to receive the new livery include LM 250, Nano Mark 300, LM III, LM Tube, LM 800, LM Tube 800 and the Big Bang.

As De Virgiliis says, Markbass is looking to exciting future expansion based on these first 15 years. “Today Markbass isn’t my only brand anymore as we now have DV Mark… And we have other projects developing on other fields, always keeping that need to imagine something different – the real load bearing axis of the whole story. My emotions are renewed every time I see and hear one of my amps on TV, at the movies, etc.”


Check out the new 15th Anniversary Markbass heads at the Melbourne Guitar Show August 6th and 7th, or see them at your local Markbass dealers now.


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