DeepMind Has A Price And It’s Cheaper Than You Think

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DeepMind Has A Price And It’s Cheaper Than You Think


Drum roll please…..The Behringer DeepMind PolySynth will be priced at $999.99US. 

Announcing the news on public music forum, Uli Behringer stated that the synth will aim to be shipped nearing the end of the year. Uli went into further detail, commenting on the offset of delays with unveiling the price.


“We simply set pricing based on a ‘bottom up’ approach where we calculate the component prices, add manufacturing cost plus a slim margin that we need to in orde to hire more people and buy more equipment.” Nothing yet has been released regarding an official price for Australia, but as more information is unfolding in on a weekly basis, it will only be a matter of time.   


Adding to the onset of news from Behringer, another feature/teaser video of the polysynth has been added. This time the teaser clip focuses on the new filter settings and LFO sections. Having fully resonate 2-4-pole midas low-pass filters per voice and now an added -12db bass function, DeepMind aims to give more flexibility and control, shown with a real-time LED screen that gives a visual impression of your LFO depth and soundscape.


Watch below to see the latest teaser.


For more details on the range of Behringer products in Australia, head to or