Mad Professor detail limited edition Ruby Red Booster

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Mad Professor detail limited edition Ruby Red Booster

The company have detailed the new Nashville Hot Mids Solo Boost modified Ruby Red Booster as being “exactly what is needed to make your solos heard”, tweaking the upper midrange and treble frequencies for a boost that slices through the mix. Mad Professor say that the modification allows for a “thick and sparkly lead tone as the carefully chosen hot midrange frequencies are added to the treble pot, which is now bringing up a perfect blend of presence and mids.”


Given that the Ruby Red Booster is already a pretty sweet pedal to start with, this tweaked version sounds like it could be a hit with some players who are looking to spice their tone up with a little extra zest. The pedal is only available on a limited basis, so if it sounds up your alley, get your order in quick


Mad Professor’s effects range is distributed in Australia by DI Music