Arturia officially launch the AudioFuse Studio interface

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Arturia officially launch the AudioFuse Studio interface

Utilising USB-C connectivity and featuring AD/DA conversion with a maximum resolution of 192 kHz / 24 bit, the AudioFuse Studio is undeniably a home studio centrepiece It features an integrated monitor controller and talkback, plus a whole heap of other tweaks to make it suitable for professionals looking to achieve the best bang for the smallest buck. 


The AudioFuse Studio provides you with a total of eight inputs: there’s four TRS/XLR combo jacks on the front side of the unit which feature Premium Discrete Pro preamps and phantom power, plus an additional four TRS line inputs on the back. There’s also insert points to enable you to patch in external hardware devices when recording, as well as RCA connectors to plug in your turntable for sampling or playback. The AudioFuse Studio also features two stereo speaker outputs and a stereo AUX out, and the line outputs are even DC coupled to supply CV signals. 



Elsewhere, the AudioFuse Studio features MIDI I/O via mini jack, a word clock and dual ADAT ports to let you hook up eight additional recording channels. There’s also two headphone outputs and dedicated Bluetooth streaming, as well as three built in USB ports just in case you run out of space on your laptop. All in all, it looks like a huge release for Arturia, and we can see the AudioFuse Studio making major waves in the current market.


Arturia are distributed in Australia by CMI Music & Audio.