LunaStone releases Boost 18 mini pedal

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LunaStone releases Boost 18 mini pedal

In the same small, tidy package as the original, this new offering has taken everything that was good about LunaStone’s versatile clean booster and made it even better. Adding an extra 3dB onto the existing 15dB that The Pusher was renowned for will give players just that little bit of extra power to cut through the mix, and they’ve also smoothed out the boost taper to give a more linear feel when tweaking the boost level. The Boost 18 will give you the same sonic clarity and compression, with a hearty helping of extra juice. Just what your pedalboard needs to get its day off to a good start. 



It is not simply a case of adding extra loudness, however, as its been specifically designed to give your signal a flavourful colouring. This gives the Boost 18 a variety of effective uses outside of simply pushing your cleans to the forefront, which means it has a host of strengths at any point in the signal chain. Use it as an always-on preamp pedal to give your tone the natural tube-like clarity its creators meticulously tweaked, or crank it all the way to full and pop it behind your favourite drive to really punch out a wall of girthy sound. Unfortunately, it will subsequently mean that LunaStone will be discontinuing the beloved original.


LunaStone is distributed in Australia through