ElectroSpit launches Kickstarter campaign for reinvented talkbox

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ElectroSpit launches Kickstarter campaign for reinvented talkbox

The ESX-1 takes the fundamental functions of the talkbox and reinvents it for the modern age, increasing versatility and mobility for a staple technology that has remained virtually unchanged for the past 50 years. This design builds on the original concept of the talkbox, where a musician can use the effects system in conjunction with their vocals to alter the frequency of sound. Hear how it sounds below in ‘California Love’:



The difference? This new form of the beloved talkbox sees ElectroSpit allowing users to shape their sound without using their vocal cords. Simply wear the device around your neck, plug into a smartphone with the ESX-1 app, and listen to the tonal changes achieved with each word or note.


 “Compatibility with any keyboard, electric guitar or plug-in, makes the ESX-1 a perfect addition to any producer or recording studio’s arsenal, and it’s form factor and accompanying custom synth App allows anyone to unlock their musical creativity and imagination,” said ElectroSpit Co-Founder/Chief Marketing Officer, Maya Kante.



ElectroSpit has ensured the ESX-1 is compatible with any DAW and can connect to both synthesisers and guitars. It also features a powerful built-in amplifier and a multi-functional app providing users with a host of talkbox sounds to choose from.


Check out the ESX-1 on Kickstarter here.