Line 6 introduce the Spider V 20 Mk II

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Line 6 introduce the Spider V 20 Mk II

This little 20 watt combo features a processing section with 16 presets, with each preset offering three switchable effects via easy-to-use FX buttons on the faceplate of the unit. It also features an all-new ‘Classic Speaker mode’, which delivers “organic sound and feel” through the Spider’s custom eight inch speaker, as well as reverb and a 3.5mm stereo headphone out for bedroom practise. 



The Line 6 Spider V 20 Mk II also utilises a nifty tap/tuner button to input delay and modulation rates, as well as a tuner to make sure you’re always in the ball park. There’s an extra 200 amps, effects and customisable tools available via the Spider V’s remote app, ensuring that this little fella is the perfect companion for any budding guitarist. 


Line 6 is distributed in the domestic market via Yamaha Music Australia.