KRK Announce New Studio Subwoofers

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KRK Announce New Studio Subwoofers


KRK have introduced the 8S2 active, the 10S2 and the 12S2 active subwoofer to their range. The new models offer enhanced accuracy and definition of sound, giving users the ability to enhance their mix with 2:1 and 5:1 surround sound.


The 8S2 are a standout of the group – being the most compact. Featuring a custom voiced 8-inch glass aramid woofer, the 8S contains a class D amplifier. Aiming to bring a tight and defined bass sound, the 8S2 as well as the others have stepped and improved the transient response.

The 10’s are built upon the classic KRK name, and boasts in its superior accuracy and performance. Giving more control with punch and response, the 10’s allow an engineer to work comfortably with low-frequencies in their mix.

The last and largest of the group, the 12S2 bursts with power and defined bass sounds. It has a custom crafted Kevlar woofer, which delivers ultra-tight and super defined tone. Built from materials that were used to build classic British-made TVR cars, the 12S2 can handle its share with an extension of up to 26Hz with a maximum SPL of 119dB.


For more information on KRK products, visit the Gibson AMI website.