Korg’s New Volca Kick Offers More Than The Name Suggests

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Korg’s New Volca Kick Offers More Than The Name Suggests


Owners of the widely popular Volca Beats might want to take note… Volca Kick is a whole new beast. The Volca Kick is an analogue kick generator that’s made for sound design.


An analogue circuit based on the powerful resonant sound of the original MS-20 filter, it lets you create a wide range of kick sounds only possible through analogue circuitry, ranging from solid kick drums to crisp kick basses.

Simple and effective parameters are provided, allowing you to freely design a wide range of kick sounds to your taste. Start the sound design process by using MS-20 Resonator (Pitch, Bend, Time) to control the sense of pitch that generates the “body resonance” of the kick sound.


Then use Pulse Colour/Level to adjust the clip components to control the sense of attack, and Amp Attack/Decay to intuitively control the decay of the sound. From tight kicks to fat, slow-decaying kicks, and pitched kick bass, it’s possible to create kick sounds that are appropriate for every type of dance music.


The 16-step sequencer, a distinctive feature of the Volca, now has a new Touch FX feature that lets you control an effect instantly, giving you even more live performance potential. Experience the stunning power of an analogue kick that cannot be obtained from a plug-in or a sample.


For more details on the range of Korg products, head to cmi.com.au.