Korg Unveil New Edition Of The Classic microKorg

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Korg Unveil New Edition Of The Classic microKorg


It also features more memory than the 2002 edition, allowing Korg to add 64 presets including leads, electric pianos and bass. With plenty of room to include your own favourite presets, Korg’s products are easy to customise, allowing users to develop their dream synthesizer.

Like the original, the microKorg-S has maple wood ends, but it sports a new white paint job instead of the dark brown found on the original instrument. Rounding out the new features is the internal speaker system, so now you can annoy your mates with the Stranger Things theme without having to setup a speaker system. 

Along with the microKorg, they’ve also confirmed that module versions for the ARP Odyssey are on the way and will be designed to be desktop friendly. The module will have added MIDI pitch blend and the instrument’s interface will be modelled off the original version. There’s no release date or mention of prices for either of these incoming gems but we’ll keep you in the loop.


For more details, head to cmi.com.au.