EHX Rebirth The Mini Synth With New App

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EHX Rebirth The Mini Synth With New App


Bringing together 22 presets, EHX promise an almost unlimited playing field of user control that keeps giving. Ready to use, the iOS-compatible app holds everything that the classic synthesizer had when it sprung to fame in the 80s.


Fitted with a pitch slider, tune knobs and an expansive bank of sound sources with over a -/+ 50 cents range, the features of the Mini Synthesiser app seems never-ending. It lets you dive straight in with a filter section using phasers, frequency filter sweeps, sweep rates controls and a Q switch allowing you to set the amount of resonance on a filter sweep.


The EHX Mini Synthesiser keeps giving – adding to its highly-impressive design is a delay section with a time slider, letting you adjust delay time up to two seconds and feedback controls. It also features a reverb section and an endless bag of miscellaneous controls like a volume slider, poly/mono switch, vibrato expression and all on a expansive eight-octave range.


The synth app is available from the App Store for both iPhone and iPad. The EHX Mini Synth app will also be available on Android in October.


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