Keeley Electronics pack a triple punch with the DCR pedal

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Keeley Electronics pack a triple punch with the DCR pedal

Similar to the design of their previously released DDR, the Keeley DCR provides two distinct effect sections to choose from. The left footswitch lets you engage the chorus/rotary effect, while the right offers a crunchy, highly saturated overdrive, with plenty of compressed tube style tone. The drive section features two modes, or drive profiles: a full-range sound and a low-pass filter to add some thickness to your driven sound. 


On the other side, the modulated section offers a whole bunch of chorus, flanger and rotary effects, which can be driven by the drive section for classic woolly tones. There’s controls for rate, depth and blend, while a dip-switch lets you flick between rotary and chorus voiced tones. 



For ultimate convenience, the DCR features top mounted jacks, which also double as TRS inserts, and also boasts true bypass for a pure tone. It looks like it’s a pretty nifty little unit, and we’re sure that it’s going to sound premium if it’s got Keeley’s fingerprints all over it.


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