Is the UDO Super 6 the synthesiser we’ve been waiting for?

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Is the UDO Super 6 the synthesiser we’ve been waiting for?

The debut offering from the Bristol-based music-tech firm harkens back to the designs of classic ’80s polysynths from the likes of Roland and Yamaha, presenting a smattering of knobs, sliders and switches that scream to be fiddled with. As an analogue-hybrid synth (the sound engine is based around a hybrid FPGA platform with analogue voices), the Super 6 features a 7-core super-wavetable oscillator with ‘Waveform Download’ as its main oscillator, while a second DDS oscillator offers FM, sync, X-Fade and sub-oscillator modes to create an array of futuristic sounds.



The Super 6 also presents users with an array of LFOs and envelopes, which are linked to a modulation matrix for warbling and wonky soundscaping, while an arpeggiator, step sequencer and 24-bit stereo effects engine offers digital delay and a Juno-esque chorus mode. However, it’s the Binaural Signal Path which really puts the Super 6 in a league of its own – when you’re in Binaural mode, each channel becomes a complete synthesiser, allowing you to tweak and detune oscillators to create wild stereo sounds. This essentially takes a traditional 12-voice stereo field and mashes it up to create six stacked ‘Super Voices’. Absolutely massive.



Check out the specs list in full below. International preorders for the UDO Super 6 have opened – however, there’s no news yet on who’ll be distributing these bad boys down under. 


UDO Super 6 Synthesiser Specs

  • 12-Voice Polyphonic Analogue Hybrid Synthesiser
  • 4 Octave Fatar Keyboard with Velocity and Aftertouch, Expression and Sustain
  • Binaural Analog Signal Path for Stereo Movement and Spatial Effects
  • 7-core Super-Wavetable Main Oscillator with Waveform Download
  • DDS Oscillator 2 with FM, Sync, Sub Oscillator and X-Fade Modes
  • Flexible Hybrid FPGA & Analog Voice Architecture
  • Robustly Built with Solid, Playable Controls
  • Multi-purpose Flexible LFOs, Envelopes & Modulation Matrix
  • Arpeggiator & Step Sequencer
  • External Audio Input with Audio Trigger
  • Dual Stereo 24-bit Digital Effects


Head to UDO’s website to find out more.