Danelectro launch five new electric models

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Danelectro launch five new electric models

First off to bat is a 60th anniversary model of the company’s iconic DC59M, the double-cut shorthorn that rocked the world. This one’s decked out in an iridescent metal flake finish, and offers stacked volume and tone controls, a pair of NOS + lipstick tube pickups and an adjustable wraparound bridge. It’s available in both blue and grey sparkling finishes. 




Danelectro have also unveiled another take on their infamous doublecut model with the ’59 Stock, presenting a budget friendly solution to obtaining that classic shorthorn sound. The ’59 Stock features a pau ferro swivel bridge and a natural lacquer finished maple neck, and comes in five retro-inspired finishes.



Billed by the company as their “best sounding 12 string ever”, the 59X12 presents a souped-up take on the classic shape, and adds some premium features to make it the ultimate jangle machine. As well as delivering a fully adjustable bridge, stacked controls and 21 frets, the 59X12 boasts the wonderful combination of a lipstick tube humbucker and a vintage style large singlecoil in the neck position. Catch us playing The Byrds licks on this one.



Last up is the weird and wonderful ’64, which comes in both S and XT variants. The Danelectro ’64S seemingly fuses the shape of a Mosrite with the specs of a Stratocaster for a crazy mid ’60s combo, with a reverse matching headstock complementing the kooky design of the body. This one’s fitted a Wilkinson tremolo, locking tuners and Lindy Fralin singecoils, raising the bar high up for the Danelectro bunch.



The ’64XT, on the other hand, sticks true to the influence of the Mosrite Ventures guitar, while adding a chambered body and Wilkinson tremolo for a distinctive sound. It’s got a similar pickup configuration to the 59X12 with the addition of a coil tap on the tone knob to offer a versatile assortment of sounds. 



Head to AMS to find out more about getting Danelectro products in Australia.