Introducing the New Ormsby Guitars GTR Models

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Introducing the New Ormsby Guitars GTR Models


Coming from the far away city of Perth, Australia, Perry has over a decade of experience in building high end, handmade electric guitars, and the new GTR range incorporates all that knowledge. Features like custom hardware made in the USA by Hipshot Products, pickups wound to the same specifications as Ormsby’s custom models, stainless steel frets and top shelf quality control undertaken by Ormsby Guitars Australia; means the GTR range sets a new standard in affordable production guitars.

Guitarists and artists across all genres were invited to decide on just about every aspect of these guitars. Through a unique online community, participants chose finishes and specifications they wanted most at prices that just about anyone could afford. The GTR Range is truly a guitar designed by guitarists, for guitarists. 


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