Zoom ARQ To Be Released In Australia Next Month

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Zoom ARQ To Be Released In Australia Next Month


Ultimately, it’s a spectacular electronic musical machine. Allowing musicians to escape the studio booth, move from behind the desk and get a little room to move, Zoom’s ARQ gives its user the freedom of control. Made up of two powerful components – the Base Station and the Ring Controller, the ARQ is electronic communication at its nest.


The Base Station features 468 drum/instrument sounds, 70 synth sounds and many more digital effects. It’s phrase recording and looping enabled, contains its own headphone jack and volume control. A handy USB port allows you to connect it up with your computer whereas a SD card slot lets you save your patterns or loops and import other audio. While the instrument is great for studio use, the Ring Controller is an excellent live instrument too. Whether you leave it connected to the Base Station or move it around, the performance is sure to come alive with the LED lit machine. 


The Zoom ARQ will be released in Australia very soon. To keep up-to-date with the latest news, head to www.dynamicmusic.com.au.