Introducing Amplify, the ultimate wireless headphone amplifier

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Introducing Amplify, the ultimate wireless headphone amplifier

Amplify is a hi-fi Bluetooth headphone amplifier combined with an audiophile grade DAC, which lets you stream quality audio wirelessly to your wired headphones. No more wrapping headphone wires around your phone and finding them tangled two seconds later; Amplify allows you to listen to music wirelessly with endless convenience. Plus, it’s the ideal solution for listening through your headphones regardless of whether your phone has a headphone jack.


The handy device even incorporates a clip mount to be used hands-free, offering increased functionality with an impressive 12 hour battery life. Other features include voice assistant support, a 32-bit DAC, and compatibility with multiple devices.


Using Amplify is as simple as plugging in your favourite headphones, pairing the device with your smartphone, and enjoying hours of hands-free audio.


You can fund the project on Kickstarter, with products expected to ship this November.