Electro-Harmonix introduces Oceans 11 reverb pedal

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Electro-Harmonix introduces Oceans 11 reverb pedal

Dubbed EHX’s “best reverb yet”, the Oceans 11 is a compact pedal with advanced functionality and, of course, a comprehensive range of 11 reverbs. Effects included are:


  1. Hall: similar to reverb heard in a concert hall
  2. Spring: paying tribute to vintage Fender tube reverbs
  3. Plate: a lush plate reverb
  4. Revrs: a recreation of the reverse reverb effect heard when a note’s reverb fades in backwards
  5. Echo: reverb plus delay, feeds into Plate reverb
  6. Trem: reverb plus tremolo, used with Hall reverb
  7. Mod: modulated reverb
  8. Dyna: three dynamic reverb algorithms of swell, gate and duck
  9. Auto-inf: automatic infinite reverb
  10. Shim: shimmer generating an octave-shifted reverb wash
  11. Poly: polyphonic reverb


Luckily for us, EHX has tried and tested each of the 11 included reverbs, so you can hear how each effect sounds in the video below:



The Oceans 11 boasts a host of controls to increase functionality, such as the mode button to allow users to select up to three reverb variations, and the Secondary Knob Mode, which grants access to “hidden” parameters. The pedal also incorporates an internal tails switch, providing a choice of fading out the reverb immediately or naturally when switching to bypass.


Electro-Harmonix is distributed in Australia through Lamberti Brothers.