In A Snapshot: Durham Electronics Crazy Horse

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In A Snapshot: Durham Electronics Crazy Horse

crazy horse.jpg

It’s no one-trick pony, exemplified by the way each control interacts. Playing with the balance of fuzz and gain will give you endless tonal satisfaction. With the fuzz turned down your gain responds to the tone, volts, and level controls.


Total tonal mayhem is attainable with the fuzz turned all the way up. When combined with increased gain the fuzz will saturate, and things will get even crazier. The tone control works with all sections of the Crazy Horse and at 12 o’clock, it gives you a neutral effect.


The voltage control, on the other hand, interacts solely with the gain control. Turned fully clockwise, the gain is getting maximum voltage to the circuit. Capping off this massive tonal scope is the brightest blue led in the business. 


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