In A Snapshot: Catalinbread Pedals

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In A Snapshot: Catalinbread Pedals

Catalinbread-Full Range.jpg

These pedals sound incredible and have a small pedalboard footprint. Currently distributed through Gladesville Guitar Factory, you can find a Catalinbread pedal to suit any needs.


Pedals currently in Australia include: Dirty Little Secret, RAH, Belle Epoch, Talisman, Karma Suture, Echorec, Galileo, Katerkonig, Montavillian, Sabbra Cadabra, SFT, Topanga and the Octopussy.


Pedal effects include overdrives, fuzzes, vintage delays, tape echo and reverbs that channel the likes of Brian May, David Gilmore, Hendrix, Tony Iommi, Jimmy Page and more. 


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