IK Multimedia announces Z-TONE Buffer Boost and DI + new AXE I/O Solo

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IK Multimedia announces Z-TONE Buffer Boost and DI + new AXE I/O Solo

Drawing from their coveted Z-TONE technology, the Z-TONE Buffer Boost provides guitarists and bassists with a quality tone shaping solution for guitarists and bassists alike, functioning as a pretty nifty preamp/DI pedal. Users can adjust the tone and character of their instrument via the Buffer Boost’s input impedance, making it a first-class solution for managing tone-sucking pedalboards or long cable runs. A boost control can also inject a fat bump of volume or drive when it’s needed, while a ground lift switch, balanced and unbalanced outputs and independent Z-TONE and Boost circuits make for an incredibly flexible unit. 



There’s also the new active Z-TONE DI box, which lets users add Z-TONE tweakability to mixers and interfaces to make for a versatile studio and stage tool. It also boasts adjustable input and output gain, a ground lift, balanced and unbalanced outs and a -20dB pad, while a Link Out lets you capture a DI signal in conjunction with a dirty amp or pedalboard. 


Finally, there’s also the new AXE I/O Solo, which sees IK Multimedia downsize their coveted AXE I/O guitar audio interface for those on a budget or limited by space. It features two inputs and three outputs, with an IK PURE microphone preamp, an instrument input with a multitude of tone shaping options, an Amplifier Output to link in your guitar amp and quality 24 bit/192 kHZ converters to round out the package. As you’d expect, the AXE I/O Solo can also act as a controller for IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube software, making it ideal for those solely tracking guitar or bass at home. 



Head on over to Sound And Music for more details on ordering IK Multimedia products in Australia.