Ibanez Adds Some Iron With New S-Series Models

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Ibanez Adds Some Iron With New S-Series Models


The new additions from Ibanez offer incredible specs, fiitted with coil-split Dimarzio humbuckers, which are designed specifically for the Iron Label line. All guitars are also fitted with Gotoh locking tuners and adding to the already impressive design are the reverse headstocks.


The Blue Space Burst offers a 3pc maple Bubinga Nitro wizard neck, flamed maple top and bound mahogany body. Giving jumbo frets and a bounded ebony fretboard, this guitar leads the pack in terms of quality and versatility.

Next in line is the Dark Space Burst. Giving off a cool grey sunburst flamed maple top, the Dark Burst is fitted with an Edge-Zero 2 bridge to help stabalise and balance overarching tones, and high use of the Floyd-Rose set-up.

Bringing in the bottom-end, the seven-string Dark space Burst handles a heavier tone. Having a fitted Gibralter Standard 2-7 bridge. The Dark Space Burst carries the tone with fitted DiMarzio Fusion Edge 7 neck Pu, and on the back, Bridge Pu pickups.

The latest editions to Ibanez have been specifically made for the Iron series, with each guitar offering a different experience yet still wielding the classic Ibanez sound and feel. 


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