Steinberg Release Free Metronome App

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Steinberg Release Free Metronome App


Featuring an accurate metronome engine, a simple interface, the ability to dial in time signatures other than 4/4 time (some wont need this – I’m looking at you, pop-punk), and multiple ways to set the tempo, this looks like a complete and easy to use app.


The few promo shots that there are of the app show the tempo set between 160 and 201 BPM, so they either want to show off the ability to go as fast as you want or are all speed metal enthusiasts.


The app was developed as part of the trainee program at Steinberg, which helps young people understand the processes and structures of the company. The app is currently only available on iOS handheld devices, and I wouldn’t hold my breath on an android release given that this was only part of the trainee program. You can find the app on the App Store.


For more info on the range of Steinberg products, head to