Here’s What A $6999 Turntable Cartridge Looks Like

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Here’s What A $6999 Turntable Cartridge Looks Like


However, audiophiles are a whole different beast, and might happily spend that amount of money on something as small as a cartridge, which is what Audio-Technica are relying on with their latest release, the AT-ART1000.

Designed for the highest quality vinyl audio experience, the cartridge combines 54 years of cartridge design experience and modern technology to create a direct power stereo moving coil cartridge of the highest quality. The new product is packed with features, including a unique direct power system, a special line contact diamond stylus, a non-magnetic core coil and a lightweight solid boron cantilever for superior strength.


“Our reference AT-ART1000 represents the pinnacle of more than 50 years of experience and expertise in the field,” says Yousuke Koizumi of Audio Technica Japan. “We found some inspiration in the renowned Victor MC-L1000 cartridge of 1986 and charged our research and design engineers to imagine a Direct Power System of unsurpassed levels of precision and sophistication.”


For more information, visit Audio-Technica’s website.