Hammond Organs

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Hammond Organs

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In the 21st century, The Hammond Organ is alive and well, its tradition preserved by a company whose employees, from the top executives to the newest recruits share the passion this legend inspires. The Modern Hammond Organ Company is privy to the secrets that made those classic organs play and sound that way. Hammond’s engineers have harnessed modern technology to express a 77-year-old tone, allowing the organist to have the same experience that vintage Hammonds offer.


From the entry-level Sk1 to their flagship B3mk2, each of Hammond’s instruments possesses the five elements that define the Hammond Sound. These are: Harmonic Drawbars-allowing countless variations of tone, virtual ToneWheels – the digital representation of the classic electro-mechanical generator, Touch-Response Percussion – adds a distinctive highlight that enhances any tone created, Chorus Vibrato – provides the satiny texture found only on a Hammond Organ and a Digital LeslieTM speaker-providing the unique moving sound when a Leslie Speaker cabinet is not available. Hammond Organs are now available from Bernie’s Music Land. 


For more information on the complete Hammond range, visit www.musicland.com.au.