Fractal Audio launch feature-packed FM3 amp modeller/multi effects unit

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Fractal Audio launch feature-packed FM3 amp modeller/multi effects unit

With its inbuilt Axe-FX III ARES amp modelling software and powerful 3-core DSP power, the FM3 offers more than 265 amps to choose from as well as 2000 speaker cab impulse responses and user locations. The FM3 also shares a similar colour display and front-panel to Fractal’s Axe-FX III, including three footswitches with variable LED rings and mini LCD displays which can be customised eight different ways to suit each user’s own workflow.


Loaded to the brim with drive, delay, reverb, compressor, EQ, modulation and loop effects, the FM3 is absolutey chocked full with features, making it perfect for the modern guitarist looking to access any possible sound with the smallest possible footprint. The unit also boasts a Modifier system, allowing for players to make real-time sound changes using remote footswitches or onboard controllers. There’s also two glboal EQs and a full-screen tuner to make sure you’re always at your sharpest onstage.



With input, stereo outputs, headphone outs, MIDI in and out/thru and a crystal clear 48kHZ SPDIF out, as well as 4×4 USB audio and FM3-EDIT functionality, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the FM3. While the unit hasn’t recieved an official release date yet, we can definitely expect to see it soon – stay tuned to Mixdown to find out more on when it drops. 


Visit Independent Music for further details on Fractal Audio products.