FL Studio release free v20.6 update

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FL Studio release free v20.6 update

FL Studio 20.6 sees the notable inclusion of a Fruity Voltage Controller, which allows for users to integrate Fruity Loops with Eurorack equipment via CV. While a DC coupled audio interface is still required to send CV commands to modular gear, it’s a pretty simple update compared to CV controllers in other DAWs, and hopefully acts to encourage some whack modular trap experiments.



The new update also sees the introduction of Distructor, a distortion effect and amplifier simulator tucked inside the interface of a multi-effects unit. It offers distortion, filter, chorus and speaker sections, with each having its own dedicated controls, while the plugin itself fuses hardware and software elements for an integrated musical experience. 


Elsewhere, there’s a new an Advanced Fill tool to write in crazy Euclidean rhythms, as well as a Burn MIDI tool, and improvements to Fruity Granulizer, FL Studio Mobile and FLEX and Vocodex soft tools. There’s also an export all playlist tracks and a direct export to SoundCloud, letting you cut out the middle man and put your blown out trap bangers straight onto your profile to go viral. What’s more, FL Studio 20.6 is available to download for free, so really, there’s no excuses here.


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