Fender unveils Flea and Albert Hammond Jr. signature models

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Fender unveils Flea and Albert Hammond Jr. signature models

The Albert Hammond Jr. Stratocaster draws influence from the 1985 ’72 Strat reissue favoured by The Strokes guitarist. It features quite a unique pickup pattern, adopting replicated Hammond Jr. customised pickups switching. This system sees the fourth position activate neck and bridge pickups, while positions one and three are reversed to suit the guitarist’s preference of using the middle pickup.

A ‘70s-style headstock features Hammond Jr.’s signature, with other era-specific elements including a bullet truss rod nut, three-bolt “F” stamped neck, and a logo reminiscent of those seen in the 1970’s.


Meanwhile, the Flea Jazz Bass Active allows fans to use the same model the Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist plays live. The bass boasts a satin finish with matching headstock, custom-shaped body, and a Fender humbucking pickup with an Aguilar OBP-1 18-volt preamp.


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