Could Gibson be returning to the ukulele market?

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Could Gibson be returning to the ukulele market?

After filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last month, Gibson’s future has been the topic of much conversation and continues to generate more questions than answers. In an effort to rectify this, Juszkiewicz has shared some information on the iconic brand’s plans moving forward.


In terms of the new lineup, we can expect a back-to-basics approach from Gibson, as Juszkiewicz explained to Guitarist magazine, quoted in a report by Music Radar.


“I would say it’s not a radical shift, but we have [made] a lot of effort to simplify product offerings,” he said. “We feel, in the past, there have been too many new models and names and it was very confusing to the consumer, and so we’ve simplified that, we’ve really simplified and gone back to historical naming precedents, so it’s more subtle change than it is radical change.”


Juszkiewiscz also commented on the idea of returning to the ukulele market when chatting with Reuters. While he wouldn’t disclose any specific plans , simply saying the idea is “a work in progress”, the Gibson CEO did note that “one of the most valuable ukes you can buy today is a Gibson uke made in the ‘30s. We’ve been there.”


Gibson has received a lot of critique over the past few years, namely for its design decisions such as its poorly received robo-tuners. Since filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, however, Gibson appear to be formulating a restructuring plan and feeling positive about the future.


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Image via Nicholas Lazarine.