Fender officially launch the Jim Root Jazzmaster V4

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Fender officially launch the Jim Root Jazzmaster V4

While the guitar was officially announced back at NAMM in January, the buzz around the new Jazzmaster has been active for a while now: Root’s been spotted playing prototype models on the road, and EMG also teased the new model on their socials back in August 2019. The guitar improves on the foundations laid by Root’s prior signature Jazzmaster, retaining the simplicity and minimal aesthetics of its predecessor while simultaneously overhauling the electronics to create a whole new beast.



One of the biggest points of interest in the new Jim Root Jazzmaster V4 is the addition of active EMG Daemonum humbuckers; a recent collaboration between Root and the pickup company. They’re open-coil, and said to be inspired by modified Retro Active pickups, delivering searing gain with plenty of nuance that makes them a fine choice for any high-gain riffage. The model also features a single knob to control pickup volume, as well as a three-way blade selector switch. 


The Jim Root Jazzmaster V4 also utilises a new 12″ radius ebony fretboard with 22 frets upon a maple neck, affixed to a slab mahogany body with a slightly contoured heel. This should allow for clean playing whether sitting or standing, and the 12″ radius fretboard will let you glide up and down the frets like a graceful angel. The Jazzmaster V4 also includes eye-catching appointments such as pearloid block inlays and a matching headstock, which Root has recently indicated were included as a tip of the hat to vintage Jazzmasters from the ’60s.



In a statement released today, Root celebrated the unique nature of his new Jazzmaster, saying “The Jazzmaster V4 is kind of like an evolution. It is so well balanced and feels so good to play on stage. It is all I want to play right now. It’s all about attitude—taking [a guitar] and making it your own. So much attitude can come from a vibe or a feeling or a notion – that vibe with this instrument is what got me to love guitars.”


Check out the Jim Root Jazzmaster V4 at Fender’s website today.