Fender introduces 60th anniversary Jazzmaster trio

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Fender introduces 60th anniversary Jazzmaster trio

Initially overlooked upon its original release in 1958, the Jazzmaster eventually grew to be embraced by musicians looking to push the boundaries of genre and creativity. Now, Fender is paying tribute to the classic guitar with three faithful homages to the original prototype.



’58 Jazzmaster

Recreating the revolutionary offset waist and distinctive pickups of its predecessor, the 60th Anniversary ’58 Jazzmaster is designed to give players a chance to experience the renowned instrument in its original form. This model is available with a Two-Colour Sunburst finish.


Triple Jazzmaster

The 60th anniversary edition of the Triple Jazzmaster boasts authentic looks with a modern, triple pick-up alongside new humbucking pickups for the modern player. You’ll be able to purchase this guitar in a stunning Daphne Blue.


Classic Jazzmaster

This particular model is a reproduction of the 1968 Classic Jazzmaster. A bound neck, block inlays, and a matching painted headstock combine with a rich sound to ensure this guitar is one of the most sought-after Jazzmasters. The 60th Anniversary Classic Jazzmaster is available in four distinct finishes: Daphne Blue, Black, Vintage Blonde and Fiesta Red.


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