Fender Introduce George Harrison Tribute Guitar

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Fender Introduce George Harrison Tribute Guitar

george harrison.jpg

Created by Master Builder Paul Waller at an undisclosed location, the guitar is as close a replica to the original as possible, with Waller inspecting every detail of the guitar to produce a fitting copy.


The guitar looks like a classic telecaster, but has subtle differences that might be missed by the untrained eye. The rosewood neck is fashioned from two pieces of wood rather than one as is normal, the nut is 1/8” wider than most vintage telecasters, and the logo is in the early ‘60s ‘spaghetti’ style.


All of these slight changes give the guitar a unique feel, and make for a fitting tribute to Harrison. The guitar is historically very accurate, with a three saddle bridge, 21 narrow jumbo frets, a bone nut and classic Fender F-stamped tuning machines, all of which appear on the original instrument.


For more information, visit the Fender Custom Shop page.