Fender announces 2018 limited edition Whiteguard Strat

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Fender announces 2018 limited edition Whiteguard Strat

The Whiteguard Strat aims to fix just that, attaining the Tele twang with the sleek contours of a Strat. The new guitar has an ash-strat body with lacquer finish and a custom-shaped white pickguard, an enviably sleek look. The Whiteguard is also distinguished by a “Modern C”-shaped maple Tele neck and its 9.5”-radius fingerboard, designed to allow easy bending of notes without fretting out. The Fender Custom Shop ‘51 Nocaster single-coil bridge and neck pickups emulate an iconic vintage Telecaster sound, with a pretty serious bang to buck ratio.  



The new limited edition guitar is part of Fender’s Parallel Universe series, blending many of their famous guitars to achieve bizarre and wonderful results.The Whiteguard Strat is the reverse image of the previously announced Strat-Tele hybrid – a Telecaster body with Stratocaster control.


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