Ernie Ball Music Man unveil the Ball Family Reserve August collection

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Ernie Ball Music Man unveil the Ball Family Reserve August collection

If you’re a low end enthusiast with a penchant for the weird and wonderful, you’ll savor the BFR Bongo 5 HH, limited to 57 models worldwide and finished in a delectable Wild Cherry Burst. With its outrageous body shape and distinctive sound, the Bongo is a lowkey favourite for many bottom end operators. This speccy model features a lightweight ash body and a gorgeous roasted maple neck and fretboard, which is finished in Satin for that irresistible sheen. The BFR Bongo 5 HH also boasts two humbuckers and a black bound neck for a classy yet dangerous look and a tone that’ll rattle your bones.



Love to shred? Of course you do – you’re reading Mixdown Magazine, Australia’s number one shred diary. By proxy, that means you’ll be aware of the Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty JP6, a custom design for Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci. The Ball Family Reserve have treated their most regal model to date to a bit of an interesting twist for their August collection, and we’re sure it’ll get a lot of people talking. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this guitar, limited to 87 models and featuring an interesting Steakhouse Blue finish, the Spalted Maple pickguard definitely raises a proverbial eyebrow – no shade, but it kind of looks like a benchtop from a ’70s sharehouse. Nevertheless, this Majesty is still a premium piece of workmanship with its cream-bound ebony fretboard, DiMarzio Dream Catcher and Rain Maker humbuckers and sophisticated electronics. 



Whether you love or hate Maroon 5 (we’re banking on the latter), you can’t deny the steez exuded by guitarist James Valentine’s signature model with Ernie Ball Music Man. Ball Family Reserve have chosen to give the Valentine a retro-inspired makeover for its August collection, offering a double bound ash body complete a fiery Target Burst finish. This one’s also got a bound ebony fretboard with pearl block inlays and a roasted maple neck, decorated with a herringbone ‘skunk stripe’ inlay for a ‘lil touch of elegance. It’s limited to only 45 models worldwide, so if you want to get your grubby mitts all over this one, you better pull that trigger real quick smart.


View the entire collection on Ernie Ball Music Man’s website.