Fender take off with the Lincoln Brewster Signature Stratocaster

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Fender take off with the Lincoln Brewster Signature Stratocaster

Ever heard of Lincoln Brewster? Don’t worry, he wasn’t on our radar till recently either – although he’s definitely worth checking out. He’s a Christian contemporary worship musician from the States with a massive catalogue of solo material and collaborations, and the man can really shred. It’s cool to see Fender acknowledge more left-field players like Brewster for their chops and passion rather than their popularity or age, and to boot, they’ve somehow made one of the most forward thinking Artist Signature models since the Ed O’Brien Sustainer Strat. 


The guitar backs up its bold Aztec Gold finish with a host of thoughtful features that make the Strat as versatile as ever. Watch as Brewster shreds away on his new creation below:



Kicking off the feature set are some Dimarzio Area 59 and 61 pickups offer single coil tones – minus the hum – while an onboard preamp, accessible via a simple push/pull feature addition to the master volume knob also is given further spank with adjustable mid-boost through the Tone 1 knob.


Meanwhile, a 9.5″-14″ Compound Radius Fingerboard makes the guitar light and easy on the hands. The guitar’s bold Aztec gold finish, matching quarter sawn maple neck and parchment pickguard combine to make the guitar as eye-catching as any in the signature series. 


For more information, head to the Fender website.