Ernie Ball Music Man reveal the Ball Family Reserve October collection

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Ernie Ball Music Man reveal the Ball Family Reserve October collection

As you should all be aware of by now, the Ball Family Reserve series is Ernie Ball Music Man’s most high-end series, seeing Sterling Ball and his sons link up to envision some super speccy models every two months for a limited release. October’s collection sees the brand dabble with two of their acclaimed John Petrucci models – the Majesty and JP15 – as well as launching one very special fretless StingRay model. 



Kitted out from head to toe in a stark Dargie Green 3 matte finish, the BFR October Majesty promises to delight both the hands and ears with its stealthy aesthetic and shred-worthy tones.  The pristine guitar also features a streamlined fretboard with two strips of pearl inlay to replace the traditional Majesty shield position markers, while the backplate of each model is signed by John Petrucci himself. There’s only 76 models of this staunch looking fella available to the public, so you better squeeze your order in quick. 



While we’re swooning over Petrucci – easy to do that, isn’t it? – let’s take a look at the other signature model in the October BFR line: the 71 piece seven-string JP15 in a radiant Blood Orange Burst finish. This one features a stunning Flame figured maple top to accompany its hand-stained custom Blood Orange Burst finish, and also features a translucent red finish on the back for a fiery, red-hot look. The BFR JP15 seven-string also boasts a Figured roasted maple neck and fretboard with white shield inlays, as well as black hardware and Petrucci’s signature pickups. Shred city. 



Last but certainly not least is the eye-popping fretless StingRay in a classy Vintage Sierra Burst finish. There’s obviously a huge 1970’s influence on this model, which boasts no pickguard and features an awesome figured swap ash body. What makes this thing really special, however, is the highly figured roasted maple fretless neck and fretboard, which seriously looks like it belongs as a piece of furniture in a presidential suite. The October BFR Fretless StingRay also features a hi-gloss neck finish, lightweight Ernie Ball tuners and a single humbucker for classic StingRay tones. This one’s limited to 106 pieces worldwide, and we feel it won’t be lasting long in the wild – trap one while you can. 


You can check out the entire BFR October range over here. Ernie Ball Music Man is distributed in the domestic market via CMC Music.