Paul Reed Smith debut new 2020 SE models

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Paul Reed Smith debut new 2020 SE models

On top of SE mainstays such as the Custom 24, Hollowbody II and Hollowbody Standard, the new series sees the addition of the PRS Mira and Starla models, which have previously been available under PRS’s US-built range. These two solid-bodied newbies are kitted out with an all-mahogany construction and stop-tail bridges, and feature pickguard mounted electronics. The Starla SE features DS-02 treble and bass pickups, while the Mira packs in dual PRS SE 85/15 S pickups, while both models are available in two distinct finish options: The Starla in Antique White with Tortoise Shell Pickguard or Metallic Green with Mint Pickguard, while the Mira is available in Black with Tortoise Shell Pickguard and Metallic Blue with Mint Pickguard.



If you’re feeling something a bit more PRS-y, the SE Hollowbody 2020 models look absolutely killer. The SE Hollowbody II features a lavish figured maple top and back with a mahogany neck and sides, while the Hollowbody Standard rocks out in all-mahogany for a classically warm tone. Both models are equipped with standard SE pickups and electronics, and are available in two finishes each: the Hollow Body Standard in Fire Red Burst and McCarty Tobacco Sunburst, and the Hollow Body 2 in Charcoal Burst and Tri-Color Burst. Neat!



PRS definitely have a knack for making really pretty figured tops, and the new SE Custom 24 guitars exemplify this quite perfectly. These pristine looking models come with either Poplar Burl or Burled Ash tops upon maple/mahogany bodies, and feature all the creature comforts and appointments that have had made this series so successful over the years, such as a 25″ scale length, dual 85/15 “S” pickups and push/pull coil tapping. The SE Custom 24 Poplar Burl is available in a Whale Blue finish, while the SE Custom 24 Burled Ash model comes dressed up in Vintage Sunburst. 



Check out the new SE series in full over here. Paul Reed Smith guitars are distributed in Australia via Electric Factory