Danelectro revive the 1960s with the new Baby Sitar reissue

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Danelectro revive the 1960s with the new Baby Sitar reissue

Introduced in 1968 to provide Western musicians with a familiar and cost-effective way to achieve the sounds of famed sitarists such as Ravi Shankar, Annapurna Devi and Nikhil Banerjee, the Baby Sitar was deemed as an oddity by many even upon release back then.


Since then, Danelectro have reissued the instrument on numerous occasions, keeping in line with their quirky vintage ethos that they’ve forged over decades in the sector.


This latest reissue comes finished in a lush Vintage Aqua colour scheme, with the pickguard of the instrument also featuring engraved ornaments. The specially designed Goto buzz bridge mutes each string to recreate the attack and resonance of a typical sitar, while each of the 21 frets has its own scalloped grooves to mimic that classic sitar wobble. 


Elsewhere, the Baby Sitar features a high-gloss neck with a rosewood fretboard, as well as an aluminum nut and chrome tuners. Output is provided via a single lipstick tube pickup in the bridge position, and a volume and tone knob are also presented for you to play with, making the Baby Sitar a no-brainer for all of your neo-psychedelic escapades. 



Check out the Baby Sitar in further detail over at Danelectro’s website.