D’Addario introduce new Casein 351 guitar pick

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D’Addario introduce new Casein 351 guitar pick

The coveted accessory company have debuted the new Casein 351 pick, which replicates the texture and design of tortoiseshell plectrums using a synthetic material primarily constructed using dairy proteins. The new picks feature a bunch of little tweaks to enhance your playing experience, including a right-hand bevel playing edge and a pointed tip, and come in a beefy 2.0mm gauge. 


Given the thickness of these picks, it’s clear that the new Casein 351 is probably best suited to those playing in the realms of roots and bluegrass – I can’t imagine it’d make for a great funk or jazz pick at all. However, it is interesting to see dairy proteins used in the construction of guitar picks, and given the guitar industry’s increasing shift towards embracing sustainable manufacturing practices, I reckon we’ll be seeing a whole lot more designs like this in the near future. 


Visit D’Addario’s website for more details on their new Casein 351 plectrums today.