Check out Joyo’s upcoming EBow clone

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Check out Joyo’s upcoming EBow clone

Following the introduction of TC Electronic’s own take on the handheld sustainer device with the Aeon, Joyo aim to replicate the lush, violin-like textures created by the original unit with the JGE-01. 



Just like the original. the JGE-01 features two distinctive modes, Normal and Overtone. Normal mode, as the name would suggest, creates a magnetic loop to make your string vibrate endlessly, making an awesome sounding sustained sound favoured by Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins and more. Overtone mode replicates this behaviour and adds a harmonic to thicken up your sound. 



The Joyo JGE-01 also uses a blue LED to indicate that it’s on and help you navigate the unit over your string of choice, and runs on a single 9v battery for portability and convenience. Personally, the EBow is one of my favourite guitar effects, and if the JGE-01 is priced similarly to other Joyo products, it’s definitely worth checking out.


Read more about the JGE-01 and find out where to buy your own over at Joyo’s website