This 319-strong pedalboard just broke a Guinness World Record

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This 319-strong pedalboard just broke a Guinness World Record

The record, which was previously set in 2008 with a measly 142 pedals, featured absolutely no switching devices or loops, patching the huge array of pedals together to form one formidable, albeit slightly inconvenient effects mangling beast. 



Sweetwater and Scallon were assisted by an all-star cast of effects dons, including Robert Keeley, Brian Wampler and Josh Scott of JHS Pedals, who cobbled over US $90,000 of pedals from over 30 manufacturers onto a whopping 34 pedalboards. The team used over 500 feet of patch cables, with the final product being 70 foot long in total. We’ve also read that 34 power supplies were used to juice up all the effects – imagine if they used 9v batteries.


Check out footage of the record-breaking effort below, and read all the rules the team had to subscribe to in order to nab the trophy. 



  1. All pedals must be commercially available from recognized manufacturers.
  2. A full inventory list of all the pedals used, the pedal type, and settings must be supplied.
  3. Schematics of the circuitry of the pedalboard show how all pedals are connected.
  4. Pedals must be preconfigured before beginning the attempt.
  5. All pedals have to be connected simultaneously so any pedal can be used.
  6. All pedals must be functional.
  7. Ten people must witness a performance using all the pedal devices, but not necessarily all at the same time.
  8. The pedal effect must be audible in submitted video evidence.
  9. Witnesses must include a music professional who can attest that each pedal is connected in a single circuit.
  10. Video evidence of the entire counting process, carried out by a technician in the presence of two independent witnesses, must be provided.
  11. Photographic evidence of the record attempt should be supplied.


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