Chase Bliss launch Kickstarter campaign to fund the new Blooper pedal

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Chase Bliss launch Kickstarter campaign to fund the new Blooper pedal

As implied by the name of the unit, the Blooper is fundamentally a looping pedal – however, as you probably know, Chase Bliss don’t really do things in a traditional sense. The Blooper is a 16-bit, 40 second high-quality looping device with an XMOS DSP processor and 32 saveable presets, as well as a range of intuitive loop modifiers such as quantize and free speed, scrambler, trimmer, filter and dropper modes.


There’s also options to chop up your loops like a sample and play ‘one-shots’, as well as modes where all your effects get applied in an additive sense, and an array of dip switches to tweak the pedal to suit your own modus operandi. If that’s not enough, the Blooper also boasts the potential to introduce tape warble effects to your loops and fade them out via a repeat knob, and like othe Chase Bliss pedals, includes incredibly versatile MIDI functionality via a 1/4 TRS jack. Let’s put it this way: it’s a bit more fancy than your standard RC100. 



Chase Bliss first introduced the Blooper back in March, and if you’ve been keeping up to date with their YouTube, you’d know just what this pedal can offer. If you want in on slice of the action, now’s your chance to fund the development of the device via Kickstarter. Incredibly, it seems that the people have already helped Chase Bliss meet their financial target for the Blooper – at the time of writing, they’ve collected over $320,000, which is more than double the amount of their original target ($145,000). 



With an expected shipping date of December 2019, now looks like it’d be the perfect time to cash in on some Blooper action. We’re always seriously impressed with everything this company comes out with, and the Blooper might just be the company’s most impressive unit to date. Good work team!


Contribute to the Blooper Kickstarter campaign here, and find out more about Chase Bliss via their website.