Bugera G5 Infinium Guitar Amp Head

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Bugera G5 Infinium Guitar Amp Head


Great for smaller gigs where you don’t need a tonne of power but can’t afford to sacri  ce tone, the classic push/pull Class A design generates balanced harmonics and tube compression, giving you the sound that only a tube amp can reproduce. Plus, the Bugera G5 Infinium’s Morph EQ gives you the best of American and British- style EQs (or anything in between) making it a very versatile amplifier for all styles of playing. Add to that classic reverb and a built-in   power attenuator (0.1, 1 or 5 watts) to get true tube tone at any volume. The Bugera G5 Infinium guitar head offers incredible value. Check out the review of the G5 in this month’s road test section and our Giveaway on page 6 for your chance to win one yourself.