Park Amplification Park Fuzz Sound

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Park Amplification Park Fuzz Sound


Thus, Park was born, and the amps produced under that name were slight variations on Marshall circuits, until the company dissolved in 1982. Among the line of amps, a few pedals were also produced. Most of them were wahs or variations thereof, but one pedal stuck out: The Park Fuzz Sound. The original pedal featured unlabeled TO-1 package transistors, so one would think that the circuit left us with Jim Marshall. However, the good folks at Earthquaker Devices, in collaboration with the newly- resurrected Park Amplification have faithfully recreated the pedal. The new Park Fuzz Sound is hand-made, one at a time in exotic Akron, Ohio. The pedal is wired for true bypass and accepts a standard 9v   center-negative Boss-style power adapter. The current draw is low, so   it’s ready for your isolated power supplies.