Boss launches the 200 pedal series

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Boss launches the 200 pedal series

The 200 series sees Boss look towards the future by adding a range of premium features such as 32-bit internal processing and MIDI compatibility, as well as onboard memories and a range of external controls via switches and expression pedals. In other words, this ain’t your old man’s beaten up DS-1 – the 200 series really looks to live up to the Boss name. 



Squeezing the features and sounds of the flagship DD-500 into a smaller package, the DD-200 Digital Delay offers twelve different delay modes ranging from classic analogue sounds to crystaline digital repeats, as well as all your boutique modern ambient tones you’d expect from a 21st century pedal. The DD-200 also features it’s own independent looping function, as well as a selectable carryover function for seamless transitions between memory banks.



If you’re looking to obtain greater control over your tones, the EQ-200 Graphic Equalizer will keep you satisfied with two wide-range 10-band EQ channels and a graphic display that shows you the current EQ curve at a glance. The pedal allows you to configure channels for stereo, parallel or series operation, and also provides the option to patch in external pedals for pre and post EQ shaping. Whether you’re a guitarist looking for a frequency boost for lead passages or a bass player seeking a filthy low-end tone, the EQ-200 has got you covered. 



For all your chorus, vibrato, Uni-Vibe and whacky ring modulation sounds, the MD-200 Modulation is bound to keep you satisfied. The pedal boasts a wild 12 modes to choose from, and features direct panel access to rate, depth and level as well as three customisable parameters tailored to each mode. The insert function also allows players to patch in other effects with selectable pre and post processing to offer enhanced tonal flexibility – killer. 



Last up, the Boss OD-200 Hybrid Drive is perfect for players looking for a dynamic drive unit with untapped feel, tone and flexibility to cover all bases. The OD-200 fuses decades of Boss’s effects expertise, offering 12 unique tones with hybrid analogue/digital circuitry, a three-band EQ and an advanced gate circuit built in for killing noise and adding tightness to high-gain sounds. There’s also intuitive pre and post boost modes for detailed gain shaping, making this suitable for shredders and strummers alike.


Head to the Boss website to peruse the 200 series in its entirety.