Peavey introduce the MAX 300 bass amplifier

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Peavey introduce the MAX 300 bass amplifier

As seen in previous models from the MAX range, the 2×10 Peavey MAX 300 features a unique angled baffle that lets you aim the sound towards your ears as opposed to your lower body when playing onstage. There’s also Peavey’s Kosmos-C bass circuit built in to the amplifier, adding harmonics and subharmonics for a rich playing experience. The MAX 300 also boasts DDT clip-limiting technology to protect the speakers from frequency spikes, making it suitable for dynamic slapping and thunderous picking styles.




The MAX 300 allows users to choose between the external speaker output or EFX loop, as well as an ‘ultra-quiet’ DI output to plug straight into PA systems for a beefier tonal response and enhanced control from behind the mixing desk. There’s also an inbuilt tuner with a mute function, a headphone output for silent practice and an auxilary input, as well as a direct XLR output with groundlift function. Whether gigging, rehearsing or just getting busy in the bedroom, the MAX 300 promises to be your best bud.


Head to Peavey for more details on the MAX series.