Bob Dylan’s 1965 Telecaster is going up for auction

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Bob Dylan’s 1965 Telecaster is going up for auction

Although the Telecaster was always owned by Robbie Robertson, it was extensively used by Dylan throughout the ’60s, with the folk icon playing the instrument on sessions for releases such as Blonde on Blonde and The Basement Tapes, as well as The Band’s Music From Big Pink. The guitar is also said to have been played by the likes of Eric Clapton and George Harrison, making it an undisputable piece of classic rock memorabilia. 


While initially featuring a black paint job, Robertson stripped the guitar to a natural finish in 1970, and extensively modified the instrument over the years by adding new pickups and a Bigsby tremolo. In a press release, Robertson emphasised the instrument’s connection to the golden era of rock and roll, stating, “This guitar has been on the front lines of so many phenomenal events, I gaze at it with amazement. When I think about all the creativity this guitar has been a part of, I’m still blown away.”  



With a portion of the proceeds going towards the American Indian College Fund, the iconic Telecaster is set to go for auction on Saturday May 19 via Julien’s Auctions, and is expected to fetch mind blowing prices around the $400,000 – 600,000 mark – although we reckon it’s definitely worth it. Check out Dylan playing the guitar in the above video, and click the link below to find out more about the auction. 


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